​Looking for jobs

There are several different ways of looking for work in Sweden. The conventional way is to register with the Swedish Public Employment Service. The Eures network is for people from other EES countries who wish to work in Sweden. In recent years, temporary work and recruitment companies have played an increasingly important recruitment role for the Swedish labour market.

Swedish Public Employment Service

The Swedish Public Employment Service assists with matching job seekers and employers. It is the largest employment service in Sweden. 


Eures is a collaborative network that helps job seekers and employers within the European Economic Area (EEA) with information and guidance concerning the free movement of workers between EEA countries. The network includes such things as public employment services, labour organizations and employers' organizations. The European commission is responsible for coordination in the network. 

Temporary work agencies

Because an employee in a temporary employment company can be assigned to different companies, the workplace may change. A temporary work agency offers the same job security in as any other place of employment. The difference is you need to be flexible and take various jobs where they are available within a given area. Many people see an advantage in being able to work at several different companies and thus gain broad experience. What's more, you get to know a great many workmates and through them gain a wider contact network.

Many temporary work agencies also work with recruitment, i.e. they assist companies with finding the right skills, conducting interviews and so forth.

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