Tourist information offices

The municipality's tourist information offices provide answers to your questions and reflections concerning your visit. We provide information about activities, events, restaurants, living, exhibitions, places to visit and much more besides.

Gislaved's tourist information office

Our little yellow tourist office is located in the centre of Gislaved, and it is open throughout the summer (June to August). When the tourist office is closed you can get help with questions and reflections via email or telephone.

Isaberg's tourist information office

The Isaberg Mountain Resort tourist information office is located in the reception; it is open all year round and provides tourist information for all of Sweden, with a focus on Småland. The receptionist is also very knowledgeable and always ready to help. Or search the internet yourself from the available PC.

Smålandsstenar's tourist information office

Our most southerly tourist information office is located in the Torghuset building in the centre of Smålandsstenar. It is open during the summer, from June to August. It provides tips about local tourist destinations and other sights worth seeing throughout Småland.

Visit Fegen

Visit Fegen is located in Fegen in Halland, just outside our municipal boundary. The tourist information office acts as the information centre for visitors to the Fegen area. Open summertime, from June to August.

The Fegen area, in the municipality's south-western corner, offers fabulous opportunities for great outdoor pursuits. Fegen is a nature reservation with special conservation areas for birds. There are ospreys, herring gulls, snipe and the common sandpipers, among others.

Sandvik church is located on a headland in the lake and its beautiful setting makes it popular for weddings. On Sandön outside Sandvik church there are remains of defensive embankments, reminders of the many border wars with Denmark that took place in times of old. 


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Isaberg Mountain Resort
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Uhlabovägen 1 
310 62 Fegen
GPS coordinates: 57.1059, 13.0316

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