Gislaved municipality provides excellent conditions for a wide range of recreational activities all year around. Whether you are looking for active leisure time on your own account, as a member of a club or association, there is plenty to choose from.


There are sports halls and gyms in most of the municipality's communities. They are used by the schools during daytime and by associations, companies and private individuals in the evenings and at weekends. In addition, our associations have built sports halls in several towns. In Gislaved and Anderstorp there are an indoor pool for family swimming, exercise and fun.

Several communities have so-called multi-purpose sports arenas. There are facilities for playing football, basketball, hockey and volleyball. In Gislaved there is an attraction called "Tillsammans", "Together". It includes a multi-purpose sports arena, parkour course, a traditional play park and also horticultural allotments with greenhouses. It is a meeting place where everyone can enjoy different activities regardless of age ... together. A skate park is situated in Smålandsstenar.

Cyklar vid sjö, foto: Smålandsbilder

With 388 lakes and several waterways, activities on or by the water come naturally. Our many waterways offer canoeing, kayaking, fishing, water sports and, naturally, swimming during the summer months. There is a canoe trail along the Nissan with rest areas for overnight stays.


Isaberg, a bedrock hill in the Nissan River valley attracts a many visitors and local inhabitants all year round. The peak rises 309 meters above sea level and the predominant habitat is coniferous forest. There are amazing views from the peak stretching across miles of the Nissan valley and a landscape rich in lakes. Isaberg has been a protected nature conservation area since 1968. The area enjoys several marked hiking trails, some of which carry on far beyond the reservation.

Isaberg Mountain Resort

Isaberg Mountain Resort is a family-friendly sports and leisure installation that is mostly all about skiing during the winter, both overland and downhill. There is a range of other activities during the summer, such as mountain biking, adventure playgrounds, a high rope course, canoeing and hiking. Isaberg Rodel Adventure opened in 2019.


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