Målning på Kulturplatån


There is a rich cultural life in Gislaved municipal­ity, with dance, theatre, music and art – under both municipal direction and through associations. Music plays a prominent role, thanks to the municipal music school and the music associa­tions. 850 students are enrolled in the municipal music school.

The Gislaved Drum & Drill Corps, which is a well-known section of the music school, performs locally, nationally and interna­tionally. There is a wide range of musical performances provided, with symphony orchestras, big bands, choirs and modern music. 

Glashuset (the Glasshouse) – a cultural centre

The Glasshouse in Gislaved is a meeting place that houses a catering school, entertainment venues, bowling and Kulturplatån, the Cultural Plateau – with practice venues, a DJ room, recording studios and workstations for the creation of audio, visual and film projects. The Cultural Plateau also offers a range of courses, including dance, theatre and photography. Several local theatre groups have sections for children, teenagers and adults.

Gislaveds drum and drill corps

Quality art exhibitions

Gislaved’s art gallery offers art exhibitions of high national and inter­national quality. They exhibit a wide range of paintings, sculptures, photographs, mixed media, crafts and video art. Lectures are orga­nised around the various exhibitions. There are also a wide range of local artists. Famous artists from the municipality include Ann-Marie AVA Valsten and the opera singer Iréne Theorin.


Film and theatre 

The Folkan cinema in Gislaved and the Klämman cinema in Små­landsstenar have films for all ages. They also show live and recorded concerts and operas from the world’s major stages. For anyone wanting to see alternative cinema, there is the Gislaved Filmstudio. They make watching films a social institution, with audience partic­ipation.

The municipality has a lot of libraries, with a wider range of services than just book-lending. All of the libraries show children’s films and theatre, for the very youngest audiences.

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