Because Sweden's climate is characterized by the Atlantic gulf stream, it is relatively mild with a lot of precipitation. In the centre of the country, the climate is a little more continental. The highest average temperature for June in the south is 20°C, and in the north 17°C. In the winter the temperature difference between the north and the south is significantly larger. It is extremely cold in the north of Sweden, and you can count on several meters of snow. The northern mountains enjoy a polar climate. Öland and Gotland are renowned for their warm, dry climate and they are therefore popular tourist destinations.

Authorities and agencies

The Migration Boardexternal link, opens in new window reviews applications from people who wish to visit, live or seek asylum in Sweden or who want to become Swedish citizens.  

The Swedish Tax Agencyexternal link, opens in new window is the administrative authority for tax, property taxation, civil registration and the registration of estate inventories. We issue ID cards for people who are registered in Sweden and we look after the state's accounts receivable.

Operations take place largely from our offices, which are located nationwide. It is here that we receive and review tax declarations and handle other tax matters for citizens and companies. Some offices also look after civil registration issues such as refugees, birth certificates and estate inventory matters. 

The Swedish Transport Agencyexternal link, opens in new window works to achieve good availability, high quality, safe and environmentally friendly travel within rail, air, sea and land transportation. We establish regulations, issue licenses and monitor compliance. With the aid of our registers, we work with such things as fees, licenses and ownership transfer.

Hästar i skogen. Foto: Smålandsbilder

The Board of Agricultureexternal link, opens in new window is the government's expert authority in matters of agri-food policy. We work according to our vision Easier Together to contribute to competitive agriculture, a living countryside and a sustainable society. Find out everything you need to know about the following hereexternal link, opens in new window: Rural development / Support / Environment & Climate / Cultivation / Animals / Trade / Supervision / Consumers   

Personal ID Number

This is a number issued to people to identify them when they deal with different authorities. It is a sort of National Identity Number or Social Security Number. If you take up residence in Sweden you must immediately apply to the Swedish Tax Agency for a Swedish Personal ID Number.

Driver's licence

Driver's licenses issued by other countries are also valid in Sweden in certain cases. Remember, Swedish legislation and regulations apply in Sweden. If you take up residence in Sweden you can apply for a Swedish driving licence provided that your driver's licence is valid in Sweden. Read more and apply at the Swedish Transport Agency.

Learning Swedish

The municipality offers the opportunity to participate in an SFI course (Swedish for Immigrants) free of charge.

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