The entrepreneurial spirit lives on in our area. Many a small business that began in a garage or a basement has today impressive, modern facilities. There are companies of all sizes, from one employee to hundreds.

Plastics is a major industry in the municipality and neighbouring regions. The majority of the county’s plastics companies are located in and around Gislaved municipality. It is home to companies that were pioneers within plastics manufacturing in the 1940s and which are today leaders within the industry. There is a significant metal industry here, with everything from lathed, milled and deep-drawn items to stamped, punched and welded. There is also a great deal of carpentry and furniture making. This mix of products has created a unique region that is very attractive for companies to set up in and where companies are constantly advancing through modern technology.

World-renowned local brands

Staplers from Isaberg Rapid, gloves from Hestra and furniture from Stolab are just a few examples of famous brands from our municipality. The Skeppshult bicycle, plastic containers from Nordiska Plast, frying pans from Skeppshults Gjuteri and hardwood floors from Golvabia are a few other products very familiar in most Swed­ish homes. Every year, billions of components and items that you come across every day are produced in our area. For example, juice carton seals, vehicle parts, marine interiors, heating system gaskets, cable drums, construction industry fixtures and fittings, valves and actuators.

Forestry and land for green industries

A big part of the municipality is woodland and countryside, and the green industries currently have a broad range, with every­thing from forestry to various types of livestock farming. We also have a large agricultural college.

Setting up and developing companies

If you want to start up or develop your company, feel free to contact Enter Gislaved AB, which is a meeting place for 3 500 local companies. There is a workspace hotel next door to their premises, and also business coaching. You can also contact state-owned Almi. Almi’s activities include advisory services and financing, in the form of loans and equity capital, in all phases of entrepreneurship from concept to business success. Almi’s services are intended to supplement the private market in meeting companies’ needs for financing and advice.

Business network

Each urban area has its own local trade association that works with networking and the development of companies in its own respective area. There are also special associations for different industries such as agriculture, forestry and retail, etc.

If you have any specific kind of business in mind, would like to get in touch with an industry organization or local trade association, or if you have any other business questions, please contact Leif Österlind. He is Director Trade & Industry at our local business association Enter Gislaved AB.

Trade Fair

Affärsracet (the Race for Business) is a trade fair for the region's entrepreneurs. It's a forum for making contacts, doing business and exhibiting your products. The fair, which is organized by the municipality's commercial companies, gathers around 300 exhibitors from many different industries. The last venue took place on Scandinavian Raceway, May 30-31, 2018.

Companies in the municipality

If you would like to know what companies are currently present in the municipality, look in our company register. It contains all registered companies.



Leif Österlind
Director Trade & Industry

Advisory services and financing

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